Thor’s Day

Yesterday the moon and Jupiter made a conjunction in the sign of Aries.

I had my first experience working at a local community garden called From the Ground Up, Elizabeth is the Lead Gardener. She’s incredible and generous with her knowledge. She apologized for ‘talking too much’, without realizing how much I value her wisdom. How its exactly what I’ve been searching for in terms of my garden. I need a mentor and she’s a God sent.

Thank you, Jupiter, for your blessings. Jupiter is our greater benefic. For many months, Jupiter has been in Aries (Mars’s sign). While Mars was retrograding, it felt like Jupiter could not grant our wishes. As if he knew, Jupiter dipped back in to Pisces at the beginning of Mars retrograde and only made it back to Aries just before the planet went direct. So now that Mars is finally moving along in direct motion, we get to experience the joy of Jupiter. Yesterday, I was feeling it intensely. “Where have you been all my life?” was the sentiment.

Nearly fifteen years ago, I had an idea for my local community in Columbus, Georgia. While revitalizing the downtown area, there was an effort to begin to refer to it as “uptown” Columbus. It worked. Downtown became Uptown, and over the past decade the place has come back to life. My idea was a product of that change. Since it would be uptown, I played with the idea of rooftop gardening to make people look up. It involved working with local businesses to create a composting business. I still have hopes of doing something like this and now I have the perfect place to do it.

Because Jupiter is in my 11th House of hopes, dreams, wishes, communities, and organizations, it couldn’t feel more aligned. This is everything I’ve ever wanted and I can say that definitively because its almost like I dreamed it. Elizabeth collects compost from local businesses, she is funded by Innis Hotels (I have worked as a front desk agent and have wondered how that would come into play). It's just magical. So I hope that you, too, are experiencing the gifts Jupiter can bring to you in the house of Aries in your chart.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



We’re gonna call this ‘delightfully taboo’. Website: Poetry:

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