There’s no hiding from sacrifice

Bernadette Judaea
3 min readJan 7, 2022


Somewhere in astrology is a story of the substitute king ritual, where the sitting king would step down from his position in power if an omen predicted his death.

A temporary king would fill in and was sacrificed so that the original king could restore his thrown when the oracle said the coast was clear. These omens were often indicated by new moon transits, according to ancient clay tablets.

The interesting thing to note is that, because the oracles knew the laws of nature, they had the ability to even manipulate a king. Soothsayers were able to predict the future to whatever extent they could read seasons and other indications of changes in time. Because the mystics understood the magic, they learned to be so in tune with Gaia that they could tell the future. It’s like knowing your mom well enough to know what she is going to say next. The more time you spend with her, the more you can notice patterns. The same is true for the body. I just moved through three domains of the feminine, so here they are again: the earth, your mom, and your body. We’ll set your mom to the side for now, out of respect.

Sacrifice started as a deal with the gods, like a negotiation between the physical realm and spiritual realm. Things in the 3D must be manipulated by human hands. For some, Jesus is a shining example of sacrifice because he gave up that thing that most humans hold dearest to the heart: life. For our modern purposes, sacrifice generally takes place on a smaller scale (rather than the whole of humanity). “I sacrificed moments in my day to help my friend”. It is the word often used for those that choose military service or a career in the police force. It seems like somewhere along the line sacrifice translated into giving something up out of good moral character.

“For the sake of something else”

For me, the most crucial part of a sacrifice, is what we get in exchange. If the reward is not worth it, we feel cheated. I believe this is the result of poor predictive models. The mind should work for the body and the body for the mind. When the two do not align, we notice the disruption. The body might experience a feeling of unease when in a particular car, but the mind that does not listen may think it will feel this while inside any car. The mind, in this way, may restrict the body from travel.

The body is intrinsically connected to our Earth, while the mind has learned to be wary of her mood swings. As she remains unpredictable to those minds that do not observe her, the mind will still attempt to orchestrate a plan to fix her. (… its for her own good, the mind will say). Without any foresight into what is likely to occur, the mind will spin its wheels constantly trying to circumvent all the tricks up her sleeve. This has evolved into us seeking out comfort with sugar and drugs. Almost as if to say, “I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with her, I’ve tried to give her everything!” The problem is, you’ve given up nothing.

When we feed addictions, we are feeding the mind’s desire to be a particular archetype. By letting go some of those personal desires of the mind to give the flesh what she needs, we prolong our existence here. Up scale that to institutions like governments and even full societies with our relationship to Mother Earth…yeah… doesn’t look great… you can take that as an omen.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa