The Secondary Progressed Lunar Cycle

I am currently learning about Secondary Progressed Lunar Phases in my Astrology Course.

Photo by Ramiro Martinez on Unsplash

This technique allows us to see how the moon is advancing through her cycle throughout our life. You first need to look at the lunar phase you were born under; for me, that was a waning-crescent moon. Then you count how many days there were until the next New Moon (after the birth date, unless of course, you were born under a new moon). The number of days you count, correlates to the number of years that it takes for a Secondary Progressed New Moon to occur in your chart. Using myself as an example, it took four days for the moon to complete her cycle and become New again after I was born.

Just like any other New Moon, the New Moon after we are born marks the beginning of something, and this something will continue to develop throughout our lives. Those four days that I counted correspond to four years after my birth. So at age four, I reached my Secondary Progressed New Moon. With the cycle of the moon being 28 days, this technique suggests that these secondary progressions of the lunar cycle restart every 28 years. In other words, from the time of our first Secondary Progressed New Moon, there is a 28 year cycle that begins.

We can further divide this cycle into the four main lunar phases (New Moon, 1st Quarter Moon, Full Moon, and 3rd Quarter Moon). If the lunar cycle is 28 days, we can divide that by four (the four main lunar phases), to pinpoint the age at which the other Secondary Progressed Lunar Phases occur in our lives. Taking 28 divided by 4 we get 7. It takes 7 days to reach the next phase of the lunar cycle after the New Moon. So, again, using myself as an example, at four years of age I experienced my first New Moon, because it took four days to reach the New Moon following my birth date. Adding 7 to this brings us to my 1st quarter moon. That means my Secondary Progressed 1st Quarter Moon occurred at age 11. That means my Secondary Progressed Full Moon occurred at age 18. Following this pattern, my Secondary Progressed 3rd Quarter Moon occurred at age 25. I am approaching my next Secondary Progressed New Moon, and therefore I am reaching a brand new beginning in my life.

My Secondary Progressed New Moon will happen next year. I am currently in the balsamic phase of my Secondary Progressed Lunar Cycle. The balsamic phase of the moon cycle is a time of looking inward. It is the period of time just before the New Moon, when we are resting. We’ve let go of things that no longer served us at the Full Moon, but the balsamic phase is the time when we finally surrender ourselves to whatever is to come (and honestly it makes me hungry every time I read the name of this lunar phase).

This fits very well for how I’ve been feeling. It explains a lot. As someone just coming out of a Saturn Return, I thought the ending of that would move things along in my life. It is comforting for me to know that I don’t have to rush through things right now. In fact, I’m supposed to be hibernating. It makes me feel like I am exactly where I need to be. It also makes me excited to see what 32 is going to bring with it.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



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