The New Moon in Sagittarius

The new moon will occur tomorrow on November 23, at 1° of Sagittarius.

Photo by GVZ 42 on Unsplash

Every new moon is a time of planting seeds of inspiration and setting new intentions. When this occurs in the first degree of any sign, it adds to this theme of new beginnings, simply because we’ve moved into a new season. Since the lunar nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio, this Sagittarius season (in particular) is a big breath of fresh air. We made it through eclipse season! The last eclipse took place on November 8th, and being a full moon, this event marked a powerful time of letting go.

As I write, we are moving through the balsamic phase of the moon. This phase is marked by the moon moving into a position that is less than 45° behind the Sun. In other words, its the closing moments before we enter into something new, that is informed by whatever it is we have recently let go of at the full moon. The balsamic phase feels like shedding that final layer that we know we must leave behind. It can be exhausting, and often times we may feel the need to recluse and look inward.

With that being said, this New Moon is going to feel like we are finally free! Sagittarius is the planet of expansive thoughts and foreign travel. It is how we grow in this world and learn big philosophical ideas. To add to the magic, Jupiter (the ruler of this New Moon), will turn direct after having been retrograde since the end of July! Although Jupiter will remain at the same degree until December, he will no longer be retrograde. That turn from retrograde motion is reflected in the transit chart only TEN MINUTES after the New Moon goes exact. As far as timing is concerned, thats pretty remarkable. Whats more, is that Jupiter will be in a harmonious aspect with this New Moon, forming a trine, which can feel like everything just fell into place.

Jupiter is a planet that is associated with good fortune, making this feel even more auspicious. Now its important to remember, there can also be themes of inflation or idealistic thinking, considering Jupiter is not far from Neptune and is in the very ethereal sign of Pisces. That is to say, we may have really big dreams about these new beginnings, but some of our plans may turn out to be delusional. Its worth mentioning, not to discount the beneficence of this New Moon, but only to call into consideration what our aspirations are rooted in. If we cannot ground these expansive thoughts, they will remain in the ether. All of them, to include those things that were actually achievable small steps to the greater goal. While we focus on the long term, we must make sure that we are taking action toward that goal and not just fantasizing. The actions we take now will feel natural because of the trine aspect, but its important to be aware of the way this energy can also manifest as a mirage.

Overall, I am looking forward to this one because these eclipses have been extra potent and exhausting. Let’s all open ourselves up to receive this optimistic energy!

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



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