Sun Pluto Sextile

Today I meditated before beginning my journaling session. “Consciousness is the light through which all things can be seen” was a line that stuck out.

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

I thought of the Sun and how that metaphor applies: the Sun is the ideal to which we strive.

Today the sun is sextiling Pluto. A sextile occurs when planets are 60° apart from one another. Sextiles provide circumstances for which one needs to participate in order to find the opportunities. This aspect is not challenging like a square or opposition, but unlike a Trine, it requires some action on the part of the native.

Right now, the Sun is in Scorpio, in the final degrees. In modern astrology, Pluto is the planet that rules over Scorpio. So, if we are to look at the condition of Pluto, its in this sign that is all about ambition and building (Capricorn). If we look to the traditional ruler of Scorpio (Mars), we see a planet moving in retrograde in a sign that is more oriented toward mental and cerebral topics. This gives us an idea of the conditions of the house within which the Sun is moving. The dignity of the rulers of the houses helps us to understand how the ideal to which we strive is being affected by external energies.

“Rather than deny the physical universe in order to transcend it, Scorpio will immerse itself in physicality and even drown in it in order to go beyond it,” — Horoscope Symbols, Robert Hand

I think this quote helps to describe how both Mars and Pluto themes arise in this archetype of Scorpio. Mars is very much to do with physicality, while Pluto is the planet of transcendence. In my life, Scorpio is the sign associated with my 6th House of labor, day-to-day activities, routine, and service. I’ve recently left my job working for my dad at the taxidermy shop. I had been wanting to find something else to do for a while, but couldn’t leave my dad with all the work he’s drowning in. Then my sister moved home and needed a job, so naturally I was like “here take this one”. Meanwhile, I had no idea what I would do, I just saw an opportunity to get out.

Its been a couple of weeks now and I’m still just kind of weighing my options. I was on vacation last week and spent a lot more money than I wanted to, especially considering I have no way to restock my bank account. There’s pressure to find something else, but I’m blessed to have a very supportive family. They aren’t pushing me out the door to go apply for jobs. With my nephew’s birthday coming up, and Thanksgiving, we are all more concerned with sorting out plans, than with how we are going to make ends meet. This is something I’ve always appreciated about my family. But I need this next step to make itself more clear to me. I am such a generalist, I feel like I could do anything. I sense that anything I am hired to do will teach me something new.

Now Pluto, is in Capricorn, as I stated earlier. Pluto is the planet that the Sun is sextiling today (I only mentioned Mars because it is the traditional Planetary Ruler of Scorpio). One of the significations of Pluto is death and rebirth; completely demolishing, in order to build something brand new. Pluto is also associated with power, like the evolutionary power that causes change. In the Earth sign of Capricorn, we have the discipline and structure needed to get us there. This Pluto is breaking the bones that Capricorn is associated with in an attempt to find out what is really real.

“Again we have the associate between Capricorn and the father archeytpe: the energy that tells the child that it must not only be wrapped up in its own life, it must also come to terms with what exists outside the self.” — Horoscope Symbols, Robert Hand

For me, Capricorn is the sign associated with my 8th House of debts, taxes, inheritance, and the many ways other people find value in us. Its a mysterious house that is also associated with secrets like the occult and sex. With Pluto here, I’ve been transforming myself into a completely different human. I’ve aligned myself with only those who find value in me for what I love doing. This transit began in 2008, so it is certainly natural to change in that time, but I notice just how I’ve changed is in recognizing my own value before allowing others to determine it for me.

There is an opportunity here. There is something to be found in the rubble. That something will set our lives off in a new direction. Look for the jewels in the rubble.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



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