Saturn is in Pisces

Bernadette Judaea
3 min readMar 8, 2023

I’m so glad I cleaned up before this shift.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Saturn in Pisces is initially disorienting. There is loud construction going on in my small subdivision. A loud whistle accompanied by the grinding sound of a metal saw splintering a beam of wood. I was visited by several grey animals today. My cat, but also the goat next door. Even the Mourning Dove that sat atop the power lines and watched me while I stretched appeared grey. The sky is misty and grey. I couldn’t even do a burning ritual for the full moon this morning because the morning dew was too thick for my matches to catch. Dewy is a good word; soft and lustrous. Nectar, that’s why it feels a little drunk and disorienting perhaps.

Ah the nectar, the sweet reminiscing of lessons we learned with Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn moved in to Aquarius in March of 2020. I’m not making this shit up. Saturn moved in to Aquarius at the beginning of the pandemic lock downs. Talk about restriction versus freedom… By entering Aquarius, Saturn began to engage in a square aspect with Uranus (rebellion and freedom). These past 2.5 years have involved this general theme as these two planets retrograded and moved into direct squares with one another. If you didn’t know this, how does that feel?

I think a lot of us learned that we can’t trust authority whole heartedly. I think we learned that we have to bring our humans back down to Earth and put our gods back out into the Ether. AI is showing us what happens when we try to ground the gods, just as Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau show us what it looks like when we make gods of men. Hell, even Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan do this to an extent, and I’m guilty of being someone that falls into this excessive state of reverence for people that tell it like it is. But they aren’t infallible. They make mistakes, so I can’t put my full faith in their word. I have to be willing to be different somehow and to maintain that. I think we learned that creative expression allows us to do that. The vulnerability in being different is not just a way to be seen, it affords us agency. Allowing people to know us is only possible if we can learn to trust again, but not in an authority that is developed by humans. Rather, an authority that existed before we were here.

I hear chickens in my backyard. They belong to my neighbor. yesterday she gave us 40 eggs! They were out of town and the family member that checked on the chickens did not collect any. I am looking forward to the day I can offer them vegetables or fruits from my garden in exchange. With Saturn in Aquarius, the sign of the humanitarian, I also learned that we need to break down the boundaries between our self and our neighbors. I think it answered the question about whether we choose to fear or embrace our neighbors. Saturn the ruler of feigned appearances teaches us how to discern that which is real from that which is an illusion.

Saturn will escort Neptune into Aries. They will turn retrograde at the same time and Saturn will chase Neptune back to his modern domicile just before turning back around at the boundary line of Pisces and Aries.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa