Venus is moving into Sagittarius today!

Photo by Robert Thiemann on Unsplash

May we all rejoice! Finally, the goddess has made it through her detriment of Scorpio. While there are tendencies towards overindulgence and maybe an excessive amount of champagne, Venus in Sagittarius is attractive and optimistic. This is a reason to celebrate if there ever was one in Astrology.

Because its been days since I’ve written, I have a lot swimming around in my mind. I was away on vacation with friends in Kentucky. Its good to take a creative break because it switches up the fuses in my brain and allows me to think from a different place. With Mars in Gemini gaining speed in retrograde motion, its been slightly overwhelming to consider all the changes that have occurred in this quarter of the year already. I stopped working for my dad, adjusted to having children in the mix at home, finally started my garden, and have invested a lot of time into things I’d been wanting to do all year.

However, the trip brought up the topic of money for me. I spent a lot. A lot on things I don’t normally buy; frivolous things. During my holiday, Venus was trining Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius and the planet of inflation), so this theme was very pronounced over the weekend, as well. Now that I’ve returned home, the path forward is buzzing around in my mind. I no longer have the excuse of a trip that’s coming up. My hesitation to apply for jobs prior to the trip was based on not wanting to ask for days off in my interview, first thing. Looking back, I realize I could’ve just given them a start date that was after the trip. That’s tunnel vision. I really just didn’t want to have to stress.

Now, I’m slightly stressed. More than anything, I’m anxious. I want to follow what the universe aligns for me. Meanwhile, I can’t be complacent and not plan. Part of me wants to enter back into the matrix, make a fuck ton of money to pay off my debts and cash out. Another part of me recognizes what I’ve been building and sees potential in continuing on the path, even if it means financially struggling. Do I have to struggle? If I’m enjoying what I do then maybe it isn’t struggling. I’m also experience a strong desire to roam and be free. I want to set my life up with a strong foundation so that I have a springboard (which is the benefit to going for the high-paying job). With my degree, I could be making a lot more, I’ve just been rebelling for a couple of years.

In the midst of my mental breakdown in 2021, I left my corporate job after taking a Leave of Absence for a month. I couldn’t bring myself to work in that environment, even though I was working from home. It felt like I was diminished and doing meaningless work. However, on my plane ride, I had a lot of time to think about what I want from life and what I have set myself up with. The tools that I have at my disposal are those that I acquired while obtaining my degree. I paid a lot of money for those tools and I haven’t been using them to my advantage. They’ve essentially been collecting dust in the shed of my mind. My desire to live a philosophical life limits the jobs available to me. I know there is a solution to this problem that has yet to present itself. This is why I’m actively waiting and listening to the universe as it speaks to me.

Do I start offering readings? I’m certainly ready and have a lot of people that would be interested in them, but the nightmare of taxes and sorting out paperwork looms over that idea. Perhaps I take this time to organize my life. Let’s see what getting back to my routines can do for that.



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