Mercury in the Heart of the Sun

I’m still resistant to fully accepting the word Cazzimi (which I briefly explain why here *adding that I’m open to changing my mind* ), but there is a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury today.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Whatever the term we use, this has ‘insights’ written all over it. Prepare to receive downloads. It might feel like the truth is spilling out everywhere. The nodes just shifted a degree (12°) and Mars did too, after spending over two weeks at 25° of Gemini. Things are being put into motion.

I feel the butterflies, as I anxiously move through my morning taking the time to do the things that I know will calm my nerves. I’m traveling for the weekend and I’ll be flying. I’ve booked hotels to take things very slow, so now is the time just before the execution of the plan. My body senses the disruption. I’ve traveled a lot by plane, domestically. The stress is somewhat alleviated by my experience, but I just need to acknowledge and hold space for the part of me that is resistant to a change in my environment.

Mercury is my chart ruler. This conjunction affects my first house, fourth house (Gemini and Virgo), and also my 11th House (where Mercury is located for me natally). So what’s the situation for Mercury right now? Mercury is combust the Sun which is occurring just after a Lunar Eclipse. Since Mercury stays in relative close proximity to the Sun compared to the other planets (usually no more than 2 signs away) it isn’t all that unlikely to happen, but it isn’t very often for the two to occur within a 24-hour period. Since lunar eclipses are closing the door on one thing, I see this transit for Mercury as us receiving some sort of insight with regards to how to move forward. There is information being revealed. It doesn’t feel like any easy pill to swallow, it feels like a deep nausea. It feels like stage fright.

I believe we are adapting to our relationship with nature by downloading our consciousness onto computers. I see my journaling and my YouTube, as a way to perhaps contribute some care, compassion, and love into this virtual world. I’ve been noticing how different life is when children are around. They infuse their curiosity into the experience. They emit frequencies from the spirit realm with their joy and laughter. The endless shenanigans provide opportunities to solve problems in creative ways (like microwaving the last pizza slice that fell on the ground outside to ‘disinfect it’, before a six year old has a meltdown). The full spectrum of emotions is felt by all.

If we only use computers only to store information without also uploading our compassion, we will not be passing that on. Despite their sense of wonder, children are bypassing experience to attain life lessons by opting to live vicariously through the lenses of other people and/or characters. This, to an extent, can be a positive aspect of the internet. Those children that have no opportunity to travel the world are able to hold it within the palm of their hand. They can virtually experience it. However, they become detached from the feeling of awe. The wonders of the world have become common backgrounds on desktops in office cubicles. You can see them anytime. They are fascinating, but its nothing compared to seeing the monuments for yourself. Something is missing and if we don’t share that, we will lose it.

I’ll be seeing an old friend today. We plan to have potato soup and I think I’ll bring over a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay to go with that. I’m looking forward to catching up and seeing someone that’s been a constant for me since high school. I’ve also watched her daughter grow up from a temperamental toddler to an extremely high achieving runner. I appreciate how my friend was able to guide her into directing that Mars energy into something so meditative. That’s what can really help us to deal with information overload; reflect and observe and correct.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



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