Mars Square Neptune Thoughts

Bernadette Judaea
3 min readNov 21, 2022


I’ve officially gone three days without coffee.

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I don’t even have the desire to drink a cup. The weird thing is, I didn’t try to do this. I knew I needed to quit consuming so much coffee, but I love my mornings (which are usually fueled by coffee).

An aspect between Mars and Neptune has been brewing, and (naturally) as an astrologer, I think this might have something to do with it. Neptune is often associated with delusions and addictions. One of the significations of Mars is cutting. Squares are of the nature of Mars, so cutting a habit… easy as that.

Not so fast. There’s more to this square than that. My instructor had a talk about this transit, in which he described the intense information overload. Mars is in Gemini, a sign that is associated with our mental faculties and the portal through which we exchange information. This is occurring in my first house, which is said to describe my character or the role I play in this life. Neptune is at home in Pisces. At best, Neptune is spiritual, wise, and idealistic. This is occurring in my 10th house of career.

I’ve been searching for a job, but I’ve been overwhelmed by options. Filling out endless applications for my ideal positions, only to receive an email back informing me a candidate was already selected and it wasn’t me. For some reason (perhaps Neptune) I thought this would be easier. When I gave my sister my job, I did so because I have a degree, which led me to believe I was going to have no issue with finding and obtaining a position somewhere else. Now, I’ve only been applying to jobs for a few days, but I am definitely sensing into this transit. I’m not discouraged, there’s just so many options, its difficult to decide which direction I am trying to go.

Part of me wants to capitalize on Mars (the planet of action) being in my first house. By that I mean, I want to be cranking out my own content and building my own business. However, Mars is in retrograde motion, which is not the energy of ‘moving forward’. Instead, it feels like my wheels are turning and I’m going no where. I’m encouraged by the fact that Mars will turn direct by January. As with all things, this too shall pass. A lot of my struggle right now is all in my head. By focusing on what I don’t know, I am only causing myself distress.

Neptune is making my path uncertain and I have to lean into that with curiosity. Rather than allowing Mars to manifest as the frustrated aggressor, I need to focus my attention on the little clues that the universe is giving me. During times like this, when my mind is frazzled, the best way to move through the energy is to take it like a surfer duck-diving into a messy wave. “The only way out is through”.

My natural instinct is to act. If I’m not trying to make things better, then I am failing. This line of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. The universe we interact with is living. She conspires in our favor if we trust her magical abilities.

“Like it or not, I thought, the peoples of the West have fallen out of an astrological cosmos and into an astronomical universe” —Nostos, John Moriarty

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



Bernadette Judaea