Mar’s Day

Tuesday is the day assigned to Mars.

Photo by Nicolas Lobos on Unsplash

As half cajun, the easiest way for me to remember this is Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday). The celebration isn’t too far away, but is a little irrelevant to this post. That’s simply my way of recalling the French word for Tuesday.

It does actually bring me to one of the aspects that Mars starts out the week with, which is a quincunx to Mercury. A quincunx perfects when the planets are 150° from one another on the zodiacal wheel. I often bring to mind the unit circle from trigonometry, so if you aren’t familiar with the Zodiacal wheel, that may be helpful for a mental representation. This aspect is uncomfortable. I often hear it referred to as ‘the itch you can’t scratch’.

Mars is a planet of action that has been stuck at the same 8° for weeks now. He’s restless, and is not feeling productive. A lot of ideas have been buzzing about as he’s sat marinating in Gemini, so he’s just about willing to do anything as long as it moves him from this place. Gemini is the domicile of Mercury, which means that Mars is in Mercury’s home. Mercury is currently in the sign of Capricorn, the feminine Earth temple of Saturn. Mercury has been learning to build in a steady and reliable way. He, like Mars, is just beginning to move from stationing direct after a retrograde cycle. Mercury is picking up speed, but Mars is ready to lead the charge now. He’s ready to go!

As you can imagine, this might lead to disputes in our lives. With Mars frustrated in a Mercurial sign and Mercury in a sign associated with power and authority, there’s bound to be arguments. This could be a good thing though if by the end of the day everyone was able to air their grievances. It can lead to a more productive use of that martial aggression.

As a Gemini Rising, a lot of the arguments I’ve been having are with myself. I’ve stubbed my toe, closed my foot in the door, and I also punched an aluminum wall (for very Scorpionic reasons). My sister (a Capricorn rising) fell and scraped her knee really badly (Capricorn is associated with the knee). So yeah, it's been an assault on our bodies too, which is interesting because our Ascendent is our body, personality, or the character that we play.

Another way I’ve been observing the frustration of this aspect is with my Grandma. She’s frustrated about having to go to the hospital to get blood every time her hemoglobin levels drop. Yesterday when I got out of the shower, I went to give everyone a hug good night. Grandma had just come back from having her blood tested, which she has to do because she had chemo. In order to find a match they have to take her blood to give her blood. Its exhausting for her. Every transfusion takes 5 hours. I could hear grandpa in her room giving her a hard time. “Your grandma doesn’t want to live anymore,” he said in a frustrated voice. “She doesn’t want to go do what they tell her too”. “I’m just tired” she said.

I don’t blame her. I know she has to be wondering why God is putting her through all of this. Why does she have to suffer? Her brother died quickly from a heart attack. Her nephew recently died after a battle with cancer. She’s a bionic women. She doesn’t even have a working heart, she had three triple bypass surgeries, and a hip replacement and she’s still here. She’s feeling the Mars in Gemini frustration.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



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