Magic Carpet Ride

I’ve been having thoughts about a particular abstract idea.

Photo by Robert Levonyan on Unsplash

It isn’t mine, because I’ve since heard other people have had the same realization, but I came to it naturally a few times in my life. It follows: When we are looking through the lens we developed to see the world through, we usually don’t notice we are looking through any lens at all. If something pulls us out of that frame of mind, we can never see life the same again.

As an example, I moved from the United States to Kuwait when I was thirteen. I experienced a major rug pull moment in life. My proverbial glasses were ripped off my face and I felt like I could see clearly for the first time. It actually turned out to be very good for my development, but I was no doubt having a major existential crisis. I had learned about a new culture and a new religion. Their existence and how devout the followers were (to participate in prayer call five times a day) captivated my young mind. Not only that, the school I attended afforded me the opportunity to visit Turkey, where I experienced yet another completely different world view. I remember thinking on the plane ride home that different religions could be just a mere mistranslation of a similar message. I had a conversation with my Self. Even at that age, I was trying to figure out if perhaps ‘God’ ultimately meant ‘love’ and then maybe in that case, Jesus was ‘faith’. This began a life long search for answers.

There have been many rug pull moments in all our lives. I realized at one point over the course of several weeks, that my degree in biology had me completely indoctrinated to another made up story (though a more plausible one in my opinion). I love the creation story in biology too, don’t get me wrong. It brings so much wonder and brilliance to this divine haphazard design. It used to be one of my main hypothetical arguments to any theist (that the story of evolution made their god even greater!) But not even biological history is fully descriptive of life: the essence.

The fossil record isn’t even complete enough to reveal a story that is anywhere near comprehensive. The story of biology is not even inclusive of all the input from less well-known scientists and commoners alike, that could have made contributions through research or experience. Its certainly not a direct account from some of the remaining survivors of… since the beginning of time (as it were). The fact that scientist have developed a language for describing physical life does not make it any less miraculous! Furthermore, all of that which we know in science is only what we can measure. The immeasurable remains unaccounted for, naturally.

Now I’m an Astrologer, so chances are most people think I’m insane. I can assure you, this is a way for me to keep some level of sanity. If I am doing nothing else, it is a ritual. I sit with my computer-generated transit chart everyday and look at the placements of the planets from the perspective of the humans on this Earth. I’m consulting the wisdom of the ancestors (as it has been translated), so it isn’t really that crazy when you think about it *nervous laugh*. This is what all of these things are: religion, fairy tales, every document in history, are all little nuggets of wisdom in story form. Things carved in stone seem extra important to me but all of these excerpts of the mind are a window into another perspective.

They all allow us to take on the mindset of someone (or some thing) else in history. With Astrology, there is a convergence over actual planetary movements and humans experiences during those time periods. Before we had the calendars we use today, humans did not have the same concept of time. They had natural clues like sunrise, and they could track cycles in seasons or by the phases of the moon. The planets move in orbits and those just so happen to be cycles of time. They are also very predictable and very reliable. In a way, we have actually developed time travel by being able to visit with these ancestors in our minds, but we are too busy believing that is impossible.



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