Intoxicating Justice

Bernadette Judaea
3 min readJun 7


Life couldn’t get much better than it is right now.

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I say that knowing full well that it could in some ways but while also sensing that I know what happiness feels like again. I’ve found a sweet spot of balancing work and play, family and friends, creative endeavors with daily routines. I’m starting to sense that I am flowing. I am smiling a lot more. I have a desire to implement the changes I’ve been only thinking about. It's really important to take note of these moments. I used to take them for granted, thinking that “This is just how life is supposed to feel!”

This euphoric feeling of “in action” which is funny because inaction of course indicates a state of rest. Its almost like I don’t have to do anything. Its all being brought to me. It just arises for me. Sometimes the impatience still comes back. I have occasional flare ups, but I’ve diversified my mirrors. I’m no longer just seeing my reflection in an old man, an old woman, and my parents. I’m not longer just seeing my reflection as an authority through the perspective of my niece and nephew. I’m working in an environment with people of all ages, and because its a store that is centered around health and community, it couldn’t be more perfect. I absolutely adore my coworkers. The days are filled with new and exciting experiences and I’m no longer pushing myself to work harder to force my life move forward. Things are falling into place.

We made it through the eclipses, and soon we will have the final eclipse in the Taurus/Scorpio axis for the next 18 years. Interestingly, Venus rules both of the lunations in October (New Moon Libra & Full Moon Taurus). This final stretch of the North Node in Taurus coincides with Venus’s retrograde in the sign of Leo. We can use that information to understand the condition of Venus, the host. There is a kick to this October but it is less volatile than the eclipses in May. Things will level out much more smoothly and harmoniously by the time we reach fall. The final eclipse in the sign of Taurus will come occur after Venus leaves the shadow phase of her retrograde cycle (28° Leo).

Even though the nodes officially switch in July of 2023 (and that is when Venus begins Retrograde cycle on the 22nd) the full moon in October (in the sign of Taurus) is technically an eclipse because it is within 18° of the nodes. In other words, the nodes will already be in Aries and Libra, but the full moon will be in the sign of Taurus during the eclipse. This happens when the nodal axis points are in the earliest and latest degrees of a sign.

I also noted that the square to Jupiter that has been in place for a while with Pluto also receiving Venus energy now. She has moved into a position opposing Pluto which means she is also square to Jupiter. The square will continue to move into the exact degree of engagement between the benefic planets as the week goes on. Things may intensify between our creative expression and the desire to be seen perhaps clashing with a need for stability and gathering resources. Below I have information for you as to how this transit may be playing out for you according to your rising sign. See the key words for the Houses to contemplate the area of life for each planet.

The Planets and the Signs they occupy currently.
Houses for each planet based on your rising sign
Themes of each of the Houses

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Bernadette Judaea