How to Have Faith

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Nobody gets anywhere if they don’t believe they can do it. The first step to beginning any project is having faith. You make up a myth. Your vision is just as good as the Easter Bunny until it is realized. When we aren’t living up to our greatest potential, its because deep down we are afraid of something. Some people a fear of failure, some of too much success and what that entails. Fear of judgement, fear of regret, fear of dying… whatever. It’s all fear, all the same. The process of redefining that fear lies in having faith that whatever it is you are afraid of won’t happen, isn’t true, couldn’t be.

The key is to believe it whole-heartedly; to fully embody faith in whatever it is. Preferably something positive and preferably something goal-oriented. Its much easier to have faith when you are making small achievements by meeting goals. Continuing to have goals and sticking to them is fulfilling an ideal that you have about yourself. If you can trust yourself to be reliable and show up when you say you will, you can have faith that you are on your path to greatest fulfillment. That is to say, you have no fear of failing to do what you said you will. Often times we find that we don’t want to set goals or start a cleanse because we are afraid we won’t be successful so what’s the point, amiright? If you can’t be reliable for yourself, it will be difficult to have faith in anything because you haven’t even proven to yourself that you have faith enough in the fact that you are worthy of whatever you set your mind to. You are worthy of that cleanse. Your body needs it and it deserves it. You are worthy of setting goals because you are capable of meeting them. If you believe it, then so it is.

Now obviously the point isn’t to believe in ridiculous shit. There is a certain level of honestly and humility you have to reach before you can determine what you have faith in. This requires having faith in your ability to set proper goals. You get better with using your intuition the more mistakes you make, but you can also fall into the trap of allowing the past to influence your present to a degree that isn’t helpful. Recognize any discomfort that arises during your day and honor those feelings. When someone says that, they mean it. If something doesn’t feel right, you don’t have to figure anything out, but sit in it. This is a warning from your subconscious. The more you can develop your relationship with the subconscious mind, the more you can trust yourself, and the more faith you will find.

Your subconscious mind is where your innate wisdom resides. Beneath the chatter of current events, gossip, what’s on TV tonight, who’s having twins… there is a world teeming with feelings and insights with which our connection has been all but severed. Briefly, you’ll have experienced this subconscious mind by recognizing those uncomfortable feelings from the above paragraph. However, if you allow the subconscious mind more than just a little “oh no”, she can show you things you might not even be able to articulate into words. This isn’t a little person that lives in your head, or Jiminy Cricket. It is a compilation of all the things Little You experienced. Those visions stored in your mind and in your body; psychosomatic. The memories you chose to hold onto- to this day: significant. Obviously, right? I’m not talking about magic... yet.

The magic happens when you form a relationship with the subconscious mind. The observer mind. Now call it God, Allah, Yaweh, Jah, Odin, doesn’t really matter. There is a perspective from which you can see your emotions separate from you, represented by a whole range of archetypes. It’s similar to the difference in the sentence, “I’m sad” and “I’m feeling sad”. One is identifying with the emotion, the other is recognizing the feeling as something separate from the state of being. When forming a relationship with the subconscious mind, you naturally have less fear. You can separate yourself from being afraid. Recognize it and watch it, but notice you don’t have to trust in the fear. Be honest with yourself in other words, allow your conscious mind to listen and trust your subconscious mind. Trust your subconscious mind as though it were the love of your life because, it’s been there all along. If you can believe the observer, this outside perspective, this birds-eye view, then you will have found the path to finding your faith. Not in a religion or a guy in the sky, but in your self. In the self.

How do you bond with your subconscious mind? You meditate. You create. You enter a flow state. Follow the good feelings even at the risk of being let down. Its better than not taking chances and droning through life. Have faith that good things exist, that you deserve good things, and they will keep showing up.



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