Hold to Your True Aspirations

Bernadette Judaea
4 min readJan 12, 2023

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.


Photo by Patrik Storm (Alstra Pictures) on Unsplash

Its finally the day, the day Jupiter gets to start really having fun in Aries! For over two months, Mars has been retrograding, which has felt to me like frustration, stagnation, and confusion about where to apply my short supply of energy. Mars has been in my First House, which is the helm of the ship, making this transit feel personal. But lets face it, every transit feels personal when you know what you are looking at. Every one of us has Houses in our chart that are presided over by Aries and Scorpio (as Mars rules these two signs). You’ll likely have felt something similar if you think about it. Fortunately, Mars is finally stationing direct, which means Jupiter will be free to expand and explore.

At around 3PM CST, Mars will reach the pivot point of stationary-direct. So, as I said in my post yesterday, Mars is turning around in Gemini, but this shift will also affect the houses ruled by Mars. That’s gonna be Aries and Scorpio. Jupiter is in Aries, one of the houses in your chart that is presided over by Mars. This shift in energy will loosen the cement around Jupiter’s feet, so to speak. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and how we grow in this world, in terms of philosophy, religion, foreign travel, and higher education.

I got a lot of good information over this retrograde period, a lot of things to review and spend time on. Book work. I also learned how to find my center (Thanks John Vervaeke ((and of course all his instructors that he would no doubt reference upon being thanked for something))). I learned to meditate thanks to Sam Harris. I learned to contemplate thanks to Richard Rudd. I’ve got many people to thank for information on permaculture. I can thank Sadhguru for emphasizing fun. Alan Watts for play.

But mostly, I’ve had my girls to thank for engaging in these activities with me. The Coven is a like a mental dance that makes centering relevant. The doing is much more important than knowing what it is I’m doing. The body remembers feelings. Experiencing those feelings with others feels like uncovering a psycho-technology, a potential framing method. When I’m alone now, I’m refining that sense even more. My awareness is engaged.

My astrology team has is a bubbling cauldron of possibilities. We contemplate together and review notes and learn. When it comes to these practices, there is nothing greater than having people to practice with. It seems necessary. So, its been really cool to have gotten so many opportunities to do that during this Mars Retrograde. With Mars in my first House of Gemini, its felt like playing different roles to find which one suits me best. I’ve been, in a sense, refining, tuning, and adapting. I have experimented with several ideas of my future trajectory based on where I am.

That feels like the connection of Mars and Jupiter here. I’ve learned the groups that really have me feeling that Eros and that’s the muscle I’ve been building. The sense for that feeling to be with me. Is this sati?

Mars is currently conjoining my natal Ascendent, and also, trining my natal Midheaven which is conjunct transit Venus. That is to say, Mars is having a major effect in my chart, not just over the houses that he rules (Aries, 11th & Scorpio, 6th), he’s also swinging influence over to my 9th House of Philosophy, Religion, Higher Education, and Foreign Travel.

Aries occurs in my 11th House, the House that is most associated with groups and organizations, hopes and dreams. Your ascendent sign will determine which area of life you are likely to feel this energy shift. But it will become apparent. We’ve all been waiting on the blast of Jupiter’s grace, but it’s been delayed because the owner of the home within which he finds himself (namely: Mars) has been feeling like a defeated soldier.

Personally, I reached one of my lowest lows during this transit of Mars, but it was a necessary battle to be won. While the archetypes manifest within us, we uncover stronger ones beneath their faults. We engage with the conversation as both entities, and its a bit like leveling up. You find out what is bringing you down for some people that may be self worth, it may be in relationships, in family life, at work, in my case it was communities. Which communities lift me up, what does my body feel like when I’m with these people. This is what Jupiter is ready to do.

— — —

This is, of course, all subjective, but it requires deep reflection on my life. The practice is what makes Astrology such a useful toolkit.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa