Fixed T-Square

Bernadette Judaea
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“Either move or be moved” -Ezra Pound

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In Astrology, Oppositions and Squares are the most challenge of aspects. Oppositions are of the nature of Saturn: they emphasize boundary lines, authority, and might feel very cold and aloof. Squares are much more impassioned, but no less conflicted. Squares are of the nature of Mars, so there is often a feeling of rage, urgency, or a sense that one’s ego is at stake.

The current Astrology involves a combination of both of these aspects, in what is referred to as a T-Square. Its not just an opposition, not just a square, its both! For one low, easy payment of… oh the late night infomercial programming from my preteen days almost got me again.

So imagine a circle and put two dots opposing one another on either side of the circumference border. Add a third dot between the two on the along the circumference. Notice if you draw a line between the opposing lines, that it runs perpendicular to a line coming from the dot that is halfway between that of the two opposing dots. See below for a diagram because my words are failing me a bit.

That is where the name T-square comes from, because from our geocentric perspective, the planets are oriented this way in the sky. T-squares are thought to be resolved by developing the empty leg. That would be the space opposing the red dot in the image above. With the planets for this T-Square all in Fixed signs, this is called a Fixed T-Square, which adds a bit of staying-power and a little bit of stubbornness coming from all sides too. For this Fixed T-Square, the empty leg is our Scorpio House. Scorpio is a sign associated with alchemy and transcendence. In practical terms, its about digging to the deepest layer to get to the bottom of something.

Whichever house Scorpio falls in for you is the house where you will want to focus your attention, as it provides the resolution to this puzzle. It is opposing the will of Jupiter in Taurus, which is concerned with hoarding the resources its worked so hard to collect. So yes, part of this is being willing to part from possessions that we may feel are things we can’t live without.

Below you will see a chart that will explain how this transit looks for each of the rising signs.

Here are a list of keywords that help you to understand the meanings behind each of the houses, and therefore the areas of life that will be effected for you.

I hope you enjoy this choose-your-own-ending transit reading!

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



Bernadette Judaea