Cryptocurrency is Divinely Feminine

I have to admit I was pretty nauseated by the slogan “The future is female”. Especially because the extremist voices are usually the loudest on any given front, and the feminists are no exception.

It isn’t just my love of men that would have me wanting them to exist in the future. The continuation of our species depends on it… even if some psychopathic people believe we can breed successfully for the rest of human existence without males. Genetic variation is vital for a species to be successful, so if we were hypothetically using the same sperm donors overtime, you’d expect it to be less adaptive (like inbreeding). Anyway, that was a weird aside. To me the motto should be “The immediate future is a little more feminine”.

Of course it is. We’ve been on a masculine rampage for a while. The Industrial Revolution, The Great Wars, space exploration, and the Age of the Internet have all distracted us from the most important aspect of our lives. Our home, the Earth, the spaceship aboard which we powerlessly tumble through space. We take cheap entertainment over the responsibility of preservation. The human species has overshot its mark on the attempt to balance a prior state of feminine stagnation.

Before I can articulate how crypto has shifted our focus back to Earthly responsibilities, I will need to catch some people up on the word feminine in this context, as it is very different from female. Considering guys are so prevalent in this sector of the metaverse, I have a huge competitive advantage just by being a female. But if there is such a scarcity of women, how could I be calling this a feminine endeavor?

Feminine in the way I am using it here is really highlighting the community verification aspect. There is no single authoritative power that regulates crypto (as far as I know). It is a system of verification for which the community is responsible in affirming transactions. Group consensus in both its negative and positive manifestations is feminine.

According to Hofstede Insights


The Masculinity side of this dimension represents a preference in society for achievement, heroism, assertiveness, and material rewards for success. Society at large is more competitive. Its opposite, Femininity, stands for a preference for cooperation, modesty, caring for the weak and quality of life. Society at large is more consensus-oriented.

In the business context Masculinity versus Femininity is sometimes also related to as “tough versus tender” cultures.

Remember the whole Robin Hood escapade that really launched us into a crypto-age? While this is a new frontier and that is actually masculine I still get a general vibe of this being an attempt to redistribute the wealth in society, which still has me convinced that it is a feminine industry, with masculine tendencies. Regular gamers have an upper hand when it comes to creative design, not only because they are perpetually in a state of play (I mean, some of them only take short bio breaks), but also because they are intrinsically in tune with their equipment and software. Most of the noteable projects are led by people who either work in a team, or couldn’t care less for credit to be awarded to them. Look at Satoshi Nakamoto… oh right.. you can’t because nobody knows who or what that is. Again, this is a beautiful balance of masculine energy serving a feminine endeavor.

On top of that, this NFT minting craze is incredibly Venusian with creatively designed art pieces that only hold as much value as that which is agreed upon by the group based on how many people obtain and retain the coin. The value is completely reliant on how much enthusiasm and long-term support a project can generate. This whole experiment of cryptocurrency has an air of what some may refer to as acting on the “honor system”. In astrology, its pretty clear that Venus is associated with femininity, an idea so pervasive it permeated popular culture. What you may not have known is that Venus is the ruler of the Second House of livelihood and possessions. Therefore, astrologers have concluded that this house is involved with finances in the natural Zodiacal wheel (that starts with Aries in the spring).

The masculine and feminine energies can also be applied to our ability to obtain satisfaction without properly nourishing our bodies. Sugar is relatively easy to attain and is pretty universal so we just go along with it out of convenience. Just like going to work and getting money to spend on things we need is. The sweet taste of convenience is still, however, only a short-term solution. Though it is reliable, available, and definitely gets the job done (gives us energy or stores it), it is really just a cheap alternative to natural sugars found within fruits and vegetables, or even molasses, all of which also contain co-factors like vitamins and minerals. In the case of fiat money, it is hardly as valuable as the gold that once determined its value. We even started making fake sugar, just like we started building houses of cards from our paper money.

The crypto market requires much more concentration to successfully enter as a buyer. On the part of the project teams, it takes way more effort to generate value for something that is imaginary than it does to accumulate wealth from things that already hold (imaginary) value. As a final point I’ll add, the crypto day traders are using the lunar cycle to hedge bets. The moon (Luna) is also the original feminine archetype (counter to the masculine Sun) in Ancient Astrology, so it is something to note if in this argument.

One of the only fortunate parts of living through this pandemic is seeing the resilience of the human spirit. We have sought and manifested community even in our darkest moments of solitude. I’m very pleased to see this evolution into group-verification without a need for total consensus in thought (so far…). Crypto is almost like the dream of rank-choice voting, where we the people decide what is worth investing in for our future. It is no different than investing in a company on the stock exchange, unless you are under the impression its just a bunch of kids playing with Monopoly money. That is, in fact, what the stock exchange has become. Cryptocurrencies, even the dumbass meme coins, are a soft-power stand against the established order of business. I’ve also noticed a lot of projects that are innovative solutions to current structural problems in industries like Health and Environmental Preservation.

So, to square the circle that I began this post with, as we shift our focus to crypto, we are building communities that can have a great impact on how we care for our beautiful Mother Earth. It is in direct competition with the industries that have destroyed our only home with overproduction. This proverbial middle finger in the face of corrupt corporate entities and their disgusting wasteful practices has been the greatest chance we’ve ever had to take the wheel of this spaceship.

Hofstede Insights

Brennan, Chris (2017) Hellenistic Astrology. Chapter 10: Significations of the Places. Page 347

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



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