Astrology as a Measuring Device

Bernadette Judaea
4 min readMar 23, 2023

Let’s consider Astrology as a measuring device.

Photo by Maxwell Ingham on Unsplash

Astrology already allows us to make sense of time. That was the initial plan, I think. It is our understanding of Astrology, combined with the quality of its inherent wisdom that is being measured. This might sound circular, but the same is true in Science. Science changes as our perspective becomes more in relationship with what exists in reality.

I am the astrologer in most of my groups of friends. I am fortunate to have a group of astrologer friends too. We stay in touch with the cosmic shifts and share our experience of them. Then we are able to find the connections in our lives and in the lives of others so that we understand the transit even more.

That is something very important about Astrology is being able to see patterns. I am paying more attention to life to receive the messages. You also have to be aware of when you are bullshitting yourself. Is it a selfish desire or a beneficial move? It could certainly be both and thats the confusing part. Sometimes its not beneficial, its repetitive. We can get stuck in our own cycles. The Astrologer puts you in conversation with the planetary themes that also move in cycles, they are just much bigger cycles in most cases. Much bigger than our individual lives. They give us the perspective of zooming completely out.

In my sessions, I get paid to be informed about the transits about the language of explaining that to people with varying levels of understanding with the Astrological jargon. But its like when you go to any retail store and they have in stock what is trending. Of course, measuring sales from last year and the new product releases help to inform the trends of the season, but ultimately its still just a cyclical measurement.

The biggest benefit for me is that I trust myself more than ever before. I now know the voice of my intuition. I catch myself when I begin to sink into the quick sand of bullshit (awesome visual). Okay, there are things that I still allow myself to do that I know are harmful in the long run. At least I know that. It helps me to shift that shower to freezing cold when I’m comfortable. I justify the disruptions with moments of humbling myself. In doing so, I somehow build my relationship with my intuition. She trusts me because I trust her. My sacrifice is rewarded. Every time I sit with a chart, I come to know the energy as a helpful non-player character. Not a dissociated drone, but a guide with helpful hints along the way. My body signals to me. I’ve started speaking with her. I tell her to find things or remember things and she does much more often now.

The limitations of language make this sound like I am experiencing a situation of my mind separate from my body, as though I am saying that my body has a mind of her own (especially because I keep using a pronoun, but I am pretty adamant about that). So this is why we need to talk about it. This is why I feel called to have conversations that are clunky and awkward at the start. We need lingua franca between Astrology and “The Real World”. Why? “The Real World” cannot be maintained by the limited scope of a single human life. Decisions for the collective need to be for the very long term. Currently, they are decisions that are made in the interest of the elite that are in power. They serve only short-term desires of mere mortals.

With that being said, there is a way to practice Astrology in which one is serving the self. The Astrologer is not immune to the covert influence of the ego. I only say this because I know it is the concern. This is also why I am very open about my life. I am living my life on trust. I trust in the Big Plan, I trust others, and I consider myself trustworthy. This is the agent I am creating. The trustworthy astrologer of the village. I will be known by and I will know others through this lens. I might not always be right, but who ever is?

What we are describing is not a quality of the thing but a perspective we have of it. By discussing it out loud with other, we understand our understanding of the thing. In our description, others can relate with our understanding of the thing. Astrology is like an instrument, you become intimate with the planetary shifts. Loving by knowing.